Along The Scenic Route

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April 1978

Second adaption of an Ellison story by Al Williamson. The first was “Upheaval,” an adaption of “Mealtime” in Weird Science-Fantasy #24.

Ellison has stated a dissatisfaction with this adaption in an interview with RBCC #151. He is quoted as saying:

I wasn’t too happy with the adaption they [Ariel] did of “Along the Scenic Route” which Al Williamson drew. There were technical things in it, things important to the logic of the story, which were done completely wrong.

While Ellison does not mention it, another seeming problem with the story is some very bad/uneven color and art reproduction. It changes from page to page, the worst production in the entire book.

Ariel #3 also features illustrated stories/poems by Roger Zelazny, Michael Morcock, Larry Niven, and Robert E Howard and features art by Barry Windsor-Smith, Thomas Canty, Alan Lee, Bruce Jones, and Jack Kirby.

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