Book On The Edge Of Forever, The

Cover Date
June 1994
Place of Publication
Seattle, Washington
Cover Artist
60 p. ; 6.75 x 10.25 "

Not a comic book, and certainly not a celebration of Harlan Ellison, this is a short non-fiction book by science-fiction writer Christopher Priest (The Prestige, The Inverted World) about the (at the time) publishing history of the endlessly delayed The Last Dangerous Visions. Priest, who had been a contributor to the anthology at one point, writes about and talks to other authors whose work was to be included, and some who had also withdrawn their stories. The book features a cover portrait of Ellison by the comic artist/illustrator Drew Friedman.


I include this book in the bibliography for a variety of reasons. One, it is published by comics publisher Fantagraphics Books. Second, the publication was surrounded by controversy at the 1994 Chicago Comicon where Ellison was the Guest of Honor. And finally, the great cover illustration by Drew Friedman. I'll write more about its role in the Friends Of Ellison/Enemies Of Ellison brouhaha later.

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