Crazy As A Soup Sandwich

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“Crazy” was an original teleplay from the 1980s CBS revival of The Twilight Zone. The Twilight Zone ran for a two seasons (1985-87) before being canceled. CBS than commissioned a third season of half-hour episodes so that the show could be run in syndication. “Crazy” was part of that third season of episodes, and was one of the last episodes aired, originally appearing April 1, 1989. It is the story of a loan shark named Arky Lochner who makes a deal with a demon and the deals he has to make to get out of that deal.

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November 1990

According to a 1998 interview with Ellison in Comic Book Profiles (Issue 3, Summer 1998) Ellison and Adam’s working relationship was contentious as they butted heads about many items including a hat on the main character Arky’s head that Adams refused to add. However, Ellison gives an overall positive opinion of Adams and even says he would work with him again “except,” he says, “I would have to take an awful lot of Valium.”

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