Adventure Comics #479

Cover Date
March 1981
Publisher (Indicia)
DC Comics, Inc.
Place of Publication
New York City, New York
36 p. ; 6.75 x 10.25 "
Publisher (Position)

Adventure Comics launches a new series of Dial "H" For Hero stories, where young kids use a magical dial to turn into different superheroes. The conceit is that readers send suggestions for the names and powers of heroes and villains to be used in the stories, and then are credited on the page. This issue features two stories "The Read Death" and "The Silver Fog Rolls In" that feature the villain the Silver Fog who was submitted by Harlan Ellison.

Other Content

This issue features three stories: "To Save A World," "The Red Death," and "The Silver Fog Rolls In." All are written by Marv Wolfman with art by Carmine Infantino, but Larry Mahlstedt inks the first story while the second two are inked by Dennis Jensen. The Silver Fog actually appears on the first two pages of "The Red Death" but is not named, or identified as being created by Ellison, until the splash page of "The Silver Fog Rolls In."

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