RBCC #151

Cover Date
Place of Publication
San Diego, California
Cover Artist
132 p. ; 8.25 x 10.75"

A special issue of the classic fanzine RBCC devoted to Harlan Ellison. In addition to comic adaptations of “Basilisk” and “Soldier” it also features:

  • An interview conducted by editor Van Hise which, while encompassing many subjects, discusses comics and Ellison’s thoughts on comics
  • Two reprinted “Harlan Ellison’s Hornbook” columns
  • Comments by William Rotsler & Ellison on their collaboration The Kong Papers
  • A photo tour of Ellison Wonderland, Harlan’s home in Los Angeles
  • A cover illustration based on the story “The Executioner of the Malformed Children”
  • and spot illustrations by a large group of artists including Steve Bissette, Richard Harrison Green, Marc Hempel, Fred Hembeck, Gary Kwapisz, Steranko, and Ron Wilber based on various Harlan Ellison stories.

RBCC had been know as the “Rocket Blast Comic Collector” up until this issue. Editor Van Hise, partially because of a change in direction of the magazine and partially due to a comment Ellison made during the interviews, changed the name to just the initials RBCC, with the official meaning being “A Reader’s Blend of Creative Commentaries.”