Vic and Blood: The Continuing Adventures of A Boy and His Dog

Cover Date
Place of Publication
New York City, New York
Cover Artist
132 p. ; 6.75 x 10.25 "
Other Staff
Dean Motter

Reprints the comic adaptations of “Eggsucker”, “A Boy and His Dog”, and “Run, Spot, Run” that originally appeared in Mad Dog’s Vic And Blood #1 and Vic And Blood #2 and had previously been collected, newly colored, in NBM’s Vic And Blood.

The illustrations on the cover and back cover previously appeared in Ariel: The Book of Fantasy #2 as illustrations for the first appearance of the short story “Eggsucker.”

Each adaptation is followed by the complete text of the original short story it is based on. The stories are illustrated by previously unpublished Richard Corben illustrations circa 1980.

In addition, brief graphic elements include “The Wit And Wisdom Of Blood”, brief quotations by Blood newly written by Harlan Ellison, that run alongside many of the text pages in the book. There are also brief biographies of Harlan Ellison and artist Richard Corben.

In the foreword, “Latest Breaking News: The Kid and the Pooch,” Harlan Ellison again discusses the history of the stories, some background on the film adaptation, and the current status of the full novel, Blood’s A Rover, that tells the story of Vic and Blood.