Mefisto In Onyx

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This special edition of Harlan Ellison’s novella “Mefisto In Onyx” features a cover by comic book writer and artist Frank Miller, who also provides an introduction. It was cross-promoted in the comic book community, with Harlan Ellison and Frank Miller signing special loose plates at the 1993 San Diego Comic Book Convention.


In the acknowledgments at the beginning of the book, Ellison notes two comic related “resonances” which he responded to when writing the book. One was Why I hate Saturn, a graphic novel by Kyle Baker, and the other Sin City, by cover artist Frank Miller.

Other Editions

  • Also available in a signed/limited edition from Mark V. Ziesing Books (ISBN: 0-929480-32-5)

Original Stories

  • “Mefisto In Onyx” originally appeared, in a shorter and uncorrected version, in Omni, October 1993