Eyes of Dust

ca. 1982
What Happened

This is a fragment of a thought, but worth mentioning. In a 2007 interview with Jamie Coville, Kevin Nowlan (artist Grimwood's Daughter, Jack B. Quick, Moon Knight, Doctor Strange, Man-Thing, and more) was speaking of his early work. In addition to covers and illustrations for The Comics Journal and Amazing Heroes, and stories in Dalgoda, he mentions that publisher Gary Groth pitched other projects to the young artist. When asked what these prospective projects work, Nowlan responds "A Harlan Ellison story, 'Eyes of Dust' and an adaptation of E. L. Doctorow’s 'Welcome to Hard Times'. Those didn’t work out but 'Grimwood’s Daughter' a 5-part back-up story in 'Dalgoda' was one of my first assignments. It was written by Jan Strnad. I hope it will be collected one of these days. [it was in a beautiful black-&-white edition from IDW]" I haven't found any other mention of a graphic novel adaptation of Eyes of Dust being worked on, but an uncompleted adaptation by artist Curt Swan was later included in Harlan Ellison's Dream Corridor Vol. 2. It is always interesting to see potential projects between Ellison and Fantagraphics before their relationship exploded.

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