Creepy #32

Cover Date
April 1970
Place of Publication
New York City, New York
Cover Artist
68 p. ; 8 x 11 "
Publisher (Position)

Creepy was a magazine size black-&-white horror/fantasy anthology. This issue featured the story "Rock God" by Harlan Ellison and Neal Adams. fThe story is based on the cover by Frank Frazetta. Harlan Ellison approached publisher Jim Warren about writing a story for him based on the next cover Frazetta painted. It was agreed that Neal Adams would draw the story and Ellison would be able to purchase the original from Adams. For some reason it was fifteen years before Ellison finally was able to get the art. [pp. 98-99, Legacy: Selected Drawings & Paintings by Frank Frazetta, edited by Arnie Fenner & Cathy Fenner, Underwood Books, 1999]

Other Content

Other stories in this issue include: "Death Is A Lonely Place" by Bill Warren and Bill Black; "I... Executioner" by Don Glut and Mike Royer; "A Wall of Privacy" by Nicola Cuti and David St. Clair; "V.A.M.P.I.R.E." by Bill Warren and Tony Williamsune; "Movie Dissector!" by R. Michael Rosen and Bill DuBay; and "The 3:14 Is Right On Time!" by Ken Dixon and Billy Graham. Also includes a 2-page "Dear Uncle Creepy" letters page and a 2-page "Creepy Fan Club" feature.

  • “The Story Behind The Story Of Rock God” reprinted in Legacy: Selected Drawings & Paintings by Frank Frazetta, 1999, Underwood Books