Creepy Archives Volume Six

Cover Date
July 2010
Place of Publication
Milwaukie, Oregon
Cover Artist
304 p. ; 8.75x11.25"
Publisher (Position)

The sixth volume in Dark Horse Books' hardcover archive of Warren Publishing's Creepy. This volume collects Creepy #26-32, including Harlan Ellison & Neal Adams' Rock God from Creepy #32. Each issue is reprinted in full (well, only including in-house ad pages, I believe) in black-&-white, with color reproductions for each cover. 

Other Content

This volume includes all stories and editorial pages from Creepy #26 through #32.


An interesting note. Creepy Archives Vol. 7 features Frank Frazetta's cover art from Creepy #32 as the front cover art, despite that issue not appearing in that volume but rather here, in Vol. 6. It is a handsome cover, but don't be tricked (like Ye Editor was) and buy that volume thinking it includes Creepy #32. Live and learn.