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August 1983

This issue of The Incredible Hulk features a story, originally solicited under the title “Soldier,” which bears more then a passing resemblance to Ellison’s story and Outer Limits script “Soldier.” After it was published, and Ellison complained, Marvel paid him for the adaptation and published a statement in a later issue.

According to an article in The Comics Journal (“Mantlo Ellison Adaptation Raises Questions,” TCJ, 83, August 1982, p 10, Kim Thompson) Marvel Comics claimed the story had always been planned as an adaptation. Jim Shooter, the editor-in-chief of Marvel at the time, is quoted as saying that “the adaptation was pretty informally arranged.” He said that the acknowledgment to Ellison had been dropped because the book was in the process of changing editors. However, Ellison is quoted as saying that he had never been contacted about the adaptation and had to contact Marvel’s vice-president after publication. Ellison was satisfied with the payment and after-the-fact credit and no further legal action was taken.

Another other high-profile rip-off of “Soldier” is James Cameron’s The Terminator, for which Ellison was also awarded credit after the fact.

An authorized version of “Soldier” is included in Rocket Blast Comic Collector #151

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