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It's been awhile since we've updated, and awhile since the WordPress Theme broke on us, but Sequential Ellison has never really left. It just slowly became a pile of "to be cataloged" books on my shelf and a notebook full of ideas on topics to research and improvements to functionality. But I've been working on this site in one way or another since 1993 and I was not going to let it completely disappear

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Eyes of Dust

This is a fragment of a thought, but worth mentioning. In a 2007 interview with Jamie Coville, Kevin Nowlan (artist Grimwood's Daughter, Jack B. Quick, Moon Knight, Doctor Strange, Man-Thing, and more) was speaking of his early work. In addition to covers and illustrations for The Comics Journal and Amazing Heroes, and stories in Dalgoda, he mentions that publisher Gary Groth pitched other projects to the young artist. When asked what these prospective projects work, Nowlan responds "A Harlan Ellison story, 'Eyes of Dust' and an adaptation of E. L. Doctorow’s 'Welcome to Hard Times'.

Uncle Carmine's Fat City Comix

When Jack Kirby joined DC Comics in the early 1970s, in his big exodus from Marvel Comics that brought us the Fourth World books, he was full of ideas. One of the things he pitched to DC editor-in-chief Carmine Infantino was non-comic book sized projects aimed at adults. This resulted in the comics magazines Spirit World and In the Days of the Mob, but also numerous never realized projects.

Kid-Flash, mini-series

In an article titled "Harlan Ellison Writes For DC" in The Comics Buyer's Guide #572 (November 2, 1984) two projects were announced. The first, a graphic novel adaptation of The Demon With The Glass Hand, would be published a few years later, adapted by Marshall Rogers. The second unfortunately was never released. It was to be a mini-series starring the Kid Flash, which would redefine the character. The article reads:

The Drop Dead Comedians

As reported in Wizard Magazine #38 (October 1994), Silver Moon Comics, a subsidiary of Full Moon Studios [the film company?], which was announcing its launch at the July 1994 Chicago Comicon, named its first comic book series to be "The Drop Dead Comedians" by Harlan Ellison. It was to be plotted by Ellison with a script by Jan Strnad. It would be part of a three title launch for the publisher, with the first issue to come out in July 1995. They started an open search for an artist for the series at that convention with more planned for that summer's San Diego Comicon.