As The Silver Fog Rolls In

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First issue of Eighties revival of the Dial ‘H’ For Hero concept, where readers sent in character names for heroes and villains appearing in the series. The main heroes were two kids, Christopher King and Victoria Grant, who had “Hero” Dials which gave them a different hero identify every time they dialed the letters H-E-R-O. Since they would go through several identities in each story, these heroes, and the villains they would fight, were provided by the readers, who would receive a credit in the book and a great shirt that read “I Dialed ‘H’ For Hero.”

For this issue Ellison created the villain the Silver Fog who fights the Hero’s Windsong (created by Frank Mills, Jr, age 17) and Captain Electron (created by Stephen DeStefano, age 14, So. Ozone Park, NY). Ellison’s credit reads “The Silver Fog was created by Harlan Ellison, Age 46, Sherman Oaks, CA.” He is the oldest “creator” in the book by twenty years.

The character The Silver Fog actually first appears in the opening two pages of the second story this issue, "The Red Death," but is not named or credited to Ellison until the splash page of "The Silver Fog Rolls In."

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March 1981

There were two other “Dial ‘H’ For Hero” stories in this issue: “To Save A World!” and "The Red Death," where Silver Fog first appears. All three have the same creative team, however inker Larry Mahlstedt works on "To Save A World!"

The character of Silver Fog would later appear in the “Dial ‘H’ For Hero” related storyline in New Teen Titans Vol. 2 #40.

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