Stan Lee Presents The Marvel Comics Illustrated Version of The Incredible Hulk

Cover Date
January 1982
Publisher (Indicia)
Marvel Comics Group
Place of Publication
New York City, New York
Cover Artist
164 p. ; 4.125 x 7 "

A paperback sized collection of Incredible Hulk stories, including both parts of the Avengers/Hulk story from Avengers #88 and Incredible Hulk #140. The book reduces the size of the original comics, breaking up the stories to print only one or two panels on a page. The stories are edited slightly and art adjusted at times in order to fit the size and page limits. For example, the three page opening spread of Hulk #140 is reduced to a single title page and then a few pages of selected panels (removing all appearances by the Avengers). The back cover refers to the two Ellison stories as "Shouts Love At The Heart of The Atom."

Other Content

The third story in the book is "The Shoot Hulks, Don't They?" from Incredible Hulk #142 (August 1971). Roy Thomas, the writer/adapter of all three stories in this volume, wrote about Tom Wolfe, and this Hulk story, on the occasion of Wolfe's death in Alter Ego #157 (March 2019). The same issue also features a two page "In Memoriam" piece about Harlan Ellison, on the occasion of his passing.


The back cover text reads: "Imagine the Incredible Hulk at a fund-raising part, with Tom Wolfe, in a fashionable East Side townhouse! Imagine ol' Green-skin falling in love with a beautiful green woman from another world! Imagine a menace so powerful that not even the combined strength of the Mighty Avengers and the Hulk may stop it. Well, it's all here--collected under one cover, for the first time!"