The Starloose!

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Parody of the Harlan Ellison created television series The Starlost. The parody includes two lines of dialogue parodying Ellison and the circumstances of him taking his name off of the series. During dialogue one character keeps mistaking another’s name, first saying “Bravo, Harlan! I mean… Cordwainer… or, Deviant! (Is that right?)” Later the gag is repeated as “You can say that again, Keir. Uh, Cordwai… Harl… Deviant! (Is that right?)” HE was very disatisfied with what was being done with the show and invoked a clause in his contract to have his name removed from the project., changing it to “Cordwainer Bird” on the credits.

The one page Starloose! is a part of a four page piece titled "TV/Movies" on the Table of Contents. Each page is a different parody, each written by Steve Gerber with art by Robert Graysmith. The other pages feature parodies of “The Way We Were” (“The Heck We Were!”), “Ozzie’s Girls” (“Oozie’s Girls”), and “Billy Jack” (“Billy Jerk”).

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July 1974
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