Dark Horse Presents #66

Cover Date
September 1992
Place of Publication
Milwaukie, Oregon
Cover Artist
36 p. ; 6.75 x 10.25 "
Publisher (Position)

Dark Horse Presents was the flagship anthology of Dark Horse Comics, the first comic they published. Each issue featured several short stories, some chapters in a longer serialized story and some self-contained. This issue features a self-contained story starring Paul Chadwick's Concrete, which revolves around an Ellison homage, Cordwainer Byrd.

Other Content

This issue of Dark Horse Presents also features Part 3 of a “Dr. Giggles” story by Manny Coto and Alan J. Burrows, Part 2 of “An Accidental Death” by Ed Brubaker and Eric Shanower, and an “Alec” short story by Eddie Campbell.


This story has been reprinted in several collections of Paul Chadwick's Concrete stories. American editions include:

  • Concrete: Short Stories 1990-95, Dark Horse Comics, 1996 ($14.95, ISBN: 1-56971-099-6)
  • Concrete Vol 3: Fragile Creature, Dark Horse Comics, 2006 ($12.95, ISBN: 1-59307-464-6)