Comico Black Book, The #1

Cover Date
October 1987
Publisher (Indicia)
Comico The Comic Company
Place of Publication
Norristown, Pennsylvania
Cover Artist
36 p. ; 6.75 x 10.25 "

A promotional comic published to honor the fifth-anniversary of Comico, the soon-to-be publishers of Night And The Enemy. Presented as a timeline, each page focuses on a single publication by Comico, beginning with their earliest comics from 1983 (Primer, Az, Slaughterman, and Grendel). The timeline runs along the bottom of each page, while the individual publications are grouped by format (regular series, mini-series, specials, graphic novels, etc.). A page promoting Night and the Enemy appears towards the end of the book, in a section labeled Future Projects. The cover and a panel of interior art are show, along with long quotes from both Ellison and artist/adapter Ken Steacy.


Elsewhere in the publication are promotions for the Fish Police: Hairballs graphic novel, which Ellison wrote the introduction for, as well as a center-spread thanking all the creators who have worked for Comico over the previous five years, including Ellison and Steacy.

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