Silver Surfer: The Animated Series

Cover Date
April 11, 1998
30 min. ; color

Silver Surfer: The Animated Series was a 13-episode, 30-minute animated television series that ran on Fox Kids Network in 1998. It was not as successful as other Marvel Comics based animated series of the time, such as X-Men: The Animated Series (76 episodes, 1992-1997), Spider-Man (1994-1999, 65 episodes), Fantastic Four and Iron Man (The Marvel Action Hour, 1994-1996, 26 episodes each), and The Incredible Hulk (1996-1997, 21 episodes). It featured a mix of traditional cel animation and early computer animation.

The eighth episode of the series, "Antibody," featured a story written by Harlan Ellison, with a script by creator Larry Brody and Michael Steven Gregory. The story revolved around the planet-eater Galactus, who is dying and enlists the Silver Surfer's assistance to save his life.

In the years after it aired the idea of adapting the original story into comics form was mentioned several times, involving artists like Joe Quesada and John Romita Jr. For more information on these see the entries on "Silver Surfer, Marvel Knights" and "Doctor Strange, Marvel Knights."

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