Death Rattle #7

Cover Date
October 1986
Place of Publication
Princeton, Wisconsin
Cover Artist
36 p. ; 6.75 x 10.25 "

Genre focused underground anthology, Death Rattle #7 features three short stories and an illustrated text article on Ed Gein. At the end of the issue is a full page ad(?) featuring a long text by Harlan Ellison on the two 2/3 of the page, with the bottom third containing reproductions of the covers of Death Rattle #4-6. It is longer than a blurb, not presented as a letter, but rather a combination blurb/letter-of-comment/text piece/ad. The text would appear in full page presentations in later issues of the comic.

Other Content

This issue features "This Old House" by Kenneth Whitfield and Steve Stiles; "Blue Boots" by Spain Rodriguez; the article "Ed Gein and the Left Hand of God" with illustrations by William Stout and Pete Poplaski; and "Workshop" by Bill Hartwig.