Incredible Hulk #140

Cover Date
June 1971
Publisher (Indicia)
Magazine Management Co., Inc.
Place of Publication
New York City, New York
Cover Artist
36 p. ; 6.75 x 10.25 "

Continuing the story of Psyklops from Avengers #88 this issue of Hulk tells the story of the Hulk’s adventures in a microscopic world and his love for it’s queen Jarella. It is described in the “Mighty Marvel Checklist” in the following fashion: "This one winds up the tale that begins in AVENGERS #88! But it’s a brand new ball game – as our green skinned golem takes on a world he never made – at the heart of the atom!"


A second printing of this title was included in the 1994 JC Penny Marvel Comics Vintage Pack. Along with Avengers #88 and Incredible Hulk #140 included thirteen more reprints from 1954-1974. The full list are:

  • Amazing Fantasy #13
  • Amazing Spider-Man Special #5
  • Avengers #88
  • Captain America #109
  • Fantastic Four #66 and #67
  • Incredible Hulk #140
  • Sgt. Fury #13
  • Sub-Mariner #8
  • Thor Special #2
  • Tomb of Dracula #25
  • Uncanny X-Men #28, #62 and #63
  • Young Men #25

Ads in the comics were replaced with contemporary advertisements, and the indicia of each had the text "SECOND PRINTING" added. They were only available through the 1994 JC Penny Christmas Catalog and the pack cost $14.99.