Marvelmania Monthly Magazine #4

Cover Date
Publisher (Indicia)
Marvelmania International, a division of Dimensional Industries, Inc.
Place of Publication
Culver City, California
32 p. ; 8.5 x 11 "
Publisher (Position)

Marvel Comics fanzine published with the cooperation of Marvel Comics. This issue features the original manuscript synopsis of Hulk/Psyklop story from Avengers #88 and Incredible Hulk #140. It is published here about a year before the comic adaptations were eventually published. Additionally, the "biography page" features a four paragraph bio of Ellison, along with one of Marvel artist Joe Sinnott.

Other Content

This issue of Marvelmania also features a letters page, "Roy's Rostrum" in which Roy Thomas discusses adapting Conan for the comics, four pages of reprints from the Amazing Spider-Man newspaper strip, a two-page interview with artist Joe Sinnott (by soon-to-be comics writers Mark Evanier and Tony Isabella), a three page article on the Comics Code, a three-page article on Odin (said to be the first of a series of articles on Norse mythology), The Coming of the Avengers Part 4: Giant-Man Returns! by Tony Isabella, and two-pages of humorous fumetti.


[I will return to this entry to discuss the differences between the synopsis and the eventual comic books, as well as include more information on the history of Marvelmania]